At Ariata Dental in Gurnee

Quick & Painless Tooth Extractions

Though we prioritize preventative care and work hard to keep your teeth healthy and in your mouth, we perform tooth extractions on a regular basis at Ariata Dental.

Our View on Tooth Extractions

We try to avoid extractions by keeping our patients’ oral health in good shape. Dr. Hosseini on our team will work to the best of our abilities in order to keep your teeth healthy and intact, including these crucial items:

  • Clean your teeth on a regular basis
  • Discuss a healthy diet with you
  • Treat gum disease
  • Treat any cavities
  • Treat infections

At Ariata Dental, we also offer options to restore a damaged tooth without extracting it, which can help maintain your natural teeth for years to come.

In the case that an extraction is necessary, Dr. Arash Hosseini and his team will talk to you about options and work with you to make the process as quick and painless as possible.


Signs You Might Need A Tooth Extraction

If you feel intense discomfort or pain in your tooth or your jaw, call Ariata Dental immediately, as this could be a sign of a dental abscess or severe infection.

If it hurts when you bite down or chew, this can also be an indication of a cavity or infection.

Other signs like puss or bleeding indicate that you should call (847) 336-3770 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Arash Hosseini at our family dentistry office in Gurnee right away.